power of gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Be Grateful For What You Have

It is so easy and rewarding to practice gratitude every day. Start every day with grateful thoughts. And remind yourself of what you have to be thankful for throughout the day.

Grateful thoughts bring more and more happiness and kindness into our lives. When we remind ourselves to be thankful over and over again it will soon become a habit to focus on what’s good in our lives, and on what we can do to be helpful and make things better for the souls we meet. 

Seemingly insignificant small things can be a profound source for gratitude and thankfulness – when you contemplate upon things you have taken for granted, and realize how much joy they bring you, and how essential and delightful they are. Take the time to appreciate the seemingly unimportant things and realize how meaningful they are to you, and how grateful you are for having them.

The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratefulness daily might help you become more resilient, happier, healthier, more productive, more helpful, calmer, more focused, and more contemplative.  And it is of course worth doing just because it makes you happier.

What deserves our gratitude the most are things that most of us take for granted. When we take the time to contemplate on those things – we tend to become happier, and our thoughts tend to become deeper and more mindful and uplifting.

Remind Yourself to Be Grateful

Here are some examples of what you can remind yourself to be grateful for:

The sun – for bringing energy, light, and beauty into your life

Books – for giving you opportunities to learn

The internet – for giving you opportunities to communicate and learn

Parks and forests – for relaxation and thinking

Your friends – for their love and all the great things they bring into your life

Your body – for letting you experience all beauty around you

Time – for giving you so many opportunities every day to experience the beauty around you, and for giving you so many opportunities to be kind and do good

Small Surprises

All small surprises and irregularities –  It’s the unexpected surprises that make life worth living. An unexpected smile, some unexpected kindness, even when we fall in love it’s often very unexpected. Don’t be so stressed and ambitious so that you don’t have time to be aware of the magic around you and inside your mind.

Every day is full of beauty. Live a beautiful life every day.

© Cecilia Elise Wallin

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