How to Be More Mindful and Present

How to be more mindful – Practice mindfulness daily

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT | Hi, and welcome to inventicity – the channel where we combine inventiveness and felicity. My name is Cecilia Elise Wallin. And the topic for this video is: how to live your best life.

Mindfulness is about being more present in the moment. And to appreciate what’s happening inside you and around you more. And how to be more mindful and how to be more present in your life. I suggest that you start your day deliberately thinking positive thoughts and you can even use affirmations to arrive in a positive mood. One affirmation I have written is “Every day is full of beauty. Live a beautiful life every day.” – and that’s what I think every morning to start the day in a positive atmosphere. So when you are mindful, when you are present in the moment, you give yourself time to appreciate the small things. The seemingly small things.

When you are present in the moment you have time to appreciate what is really important in life such as friendship, love, such as your relatives. Such as the people around you, and the animals, and nature surrounding you. Being present in the moment is about appreciating what you experience, what you hear, what you sense. Everything that is really important tends to be forgotten when we are stressed, and we are focused on something we are going to do, or when we are worrying – or thinking about the past. We tend to forget to appreciate and acknowledge the most important things in life when we are worried and when we are so focused on performing and impressing people that we don’t give us the time to be happy and appreciate the joyful things around us.

So if you feel that you are so focused on impressing people that you’re so focused on performing that you forget to relax and enjoy life then it’s time to slow down and to appreciate the small things, the seemingly small things, more – and to more present in the moment. Another thing you can do in the morning is avoiding looking at your mobile phone, avoiding your computer. Instead appreciate the light falling into your room. Appreciate the birds you might hear or appreciate just waking up and entering your kitchen or your bathroom. And appreciate how your body is working for you. Appreciate the breakfast you are eating, the coffee you might be drinking or the tea you might be drinking.

And if you have relatives or humans around you, appreciate them and see them and listen to them. So it’s good for most of us if we don’t use phones and computers so much so that we forget to appreciate the real world. And that’s not just true for the mornings. It is of course true for the whole day. Don’t be distracted by an unimportant notification from social media. Get rid of the notifications. Maybe get rid of social media accounts that don’t bring anything good to your life. And throughout the day, take the time to listen to your feelings and your thoughts.

Appreciate how your body is working for you and how your brain is working for you. Being present and being mindful is also looked back gratitude, so if you feel grateful to about day in your mind, that will make you happier. It will make you smile more and you will feel less stressed. So take your time to appreciate the nature around you. And the nature inside you and you will find that your mind is as puzzling as the nature and the people surrounding you.

So appreciate the mystery inside you and the mysteries around you. And when you are engaged in conversations, listen carefully to what the person really is saying between the lines and don’t just ponder upon what you are going to reply. Detect what they want to communicate. What more can you do to be mindful? Sometimes if you start to get stressed you can mind your breath. Take deep breaths. It will bring oxygen to your brain and it will make you more peaceful and more present in the moment. And try to not get stressed and tense because when you get tense and stressed you will lose energy.

 And of course, eat healthy food so you don’t get tired. It is easier to be present in the moment when we feel good and when we are not hungry or frozen or thinking about what we could have done differently in the past or worrying about the future. And use your senses a lot. Being present in the moment is a lot about using the senses you are gifted with.

Listen mindfully to people, to audiobooks to videos, to birds, to all good sounds. And if you stay mindful throughout the day, you will probably be happier and probably more productive. If you intend to be productive, it’s good. to be mindful some days, maybe Saturdays or Sundays. You can take days off and don’t put any pressure on yourself to be productive. It’s important for us to relax and to be in the moment and to enjoy the moment without feeling any pressure that we have to produce something or do something. If we relax and have days when we just enjoy being alive, then we will have more energy and ideas saved for the days when we want to – or have to – be productive and inventive.

Being productive and inventive is of course great joy too. But that will be a topic for another video I’m going to publish a video about mindfulness and productivity soon.

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