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Do you want to reach a larger audience?

I’m publishing weekly videos on my YouTube channel Inventicity, to help you make your message and design concise and inventive. So that you can attract a larger audience, and grow your business.

Inventicity Cecilia Elise Wallin


I know that you instantly want to reach a larger audience. In order to do that, you have to rely on content marketing or advertising.

But content marketing is time-consuming and advertising is expensive, and both make you feel overwhelmed and confused.

I believe it shouldn’t be this way and am convinced that content creation and content marketing should be fun and rewarding!

With templates from CeciliaElise.com content-creation becomes fun, fast, and easy.

Cecilia Elise Wallin

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•  150 Square Feel-Good Templates With Text Prompts (for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)  (1080×1080 px)

• Landing Page Template – delivered as a template in Canva

• Sales Page “Hannah” LIVE DEMO | Mobile & desktop friendly. Delivered as a template in Canva

Sales Page “Caroline” LIVE DEMO | Delivered as a template in Canva

• 100 Facebook Engagement Post Templates (1200 × 1500 px graphics + text prompts)

• 100 Reels/Story/TikTok/Pin Templates (1080x1920px graphics + text prompts)

100+ Happy Reels/Story/TikTok/Pin Templates (1080x1920px graphics + text prompts)

• 100 Lifestyle Facebook Post Templates (1200×1500px graphics + text prompts)

• 100 Lifestyle Instagram Post Templates (1080×1080px graphics + text prompts)

 100 Lifestyle Pinterest Pin Templates (1000×1500px graphics + text prompts)


10-Page Client Welcome Package Template

Guided Health, Fitness & Wellness Webinar & Course Slide Deck Template – 7 slides in Canva

10-Page Health, Fitness & Wellness Workbook + eBook Template – A4 size in Canva

+ 1 Hour Copywriting Course (video course)

Perfect for your marketing in 2022! Enjoy higher engagement, better reach, more followers, and more sales.

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What a clever idea. All the people I train have the same stumbling block. Time. We all need content, we all need pinnable pins, we all have too little time. Knowing that you will be building up a collection of editable pins – that is the correct size too – is pure gold.

Rob Andersson


I love the templates. They are very classy and suit the requirement. I would highly recommend them.

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Sandy N Vyjay


These are really lovely pinterest templates . They are easy to use and can be optimised for other platforms. I especially like the coffee one. Will definitely use these templates on my blogs and social media platforms.

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Ose Binitie


I’m always struggling with making new pins, I want them to be beautiful and easy to read. These templates are so easy to use, it takes less time to create new pins. Thank you so much!

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I love the templates! Very versatile and classy, as well. Good for any niche.
And honestly, designing the pins is the toughest part about blogging :P. Writing literally doesn’t take as long!

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These get repinned instantly! Plus, I save a lot of time in making my own. They’re easily customizable on Canva, which helps with brand identity too. Pinterest loves fresh content daily, and with these pins it’s easy to make it.

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Get 100+ social media templates, and access to my resource library. It’s all 100% free.