How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT | Today I have enjoyed making a new template on how to write persuasive speeches. I’ve been watching political speeches lately, and I’ve been thinking about what structures marketing materials and commercials have in common. And I have also thought about how advice is given to people – advice on how people can improve their lives. And I have found that political speeches, marketing, and even counseling often have a common pattern that I think is very similar to “the hero’s journey” models – these “hero journey” models that can be used when writing fictional stories. So, I have made a model and template which you can use when you write a persuasive speech or persuasive text.

The Hero’s Journey in a Persuasive Speech

I have distilled this model from the structure that I see in many political speeches, in marketing, and also in inspirational self-help videos. I have then, based on my observations, and with the support of the model “the hero’s journey” (used to write stories), made this model for how a persuasive speech (or text) can be structured.

Don’t Be Deceived

I often get annoyed when I watch political speeches, and video commercials, because I find them manipulative. The art of persuasion, and the model I am presenting in this video, can of course be used for both good and malicious purposes. This video is not just made to help you write a great persuasive speech. Even more important is that you learn to detect if someone is trying to manipulate and deceive you.



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