How to Write a Persuasive Speech with template

How to Write a Persuasive Speech | Template

Persuasive Speech Template

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT | In the previous video, I talked about the model for writing a persuasive speech I just have made. I have been very interested in the model “The Hero’s Journey” which is used for writing and analyzing stories and mythology. Based on the hero’s journey model I have made a new model, which we can use for writing persuasive speeches. I have seen a similar pattern to “the hero’s journey” in many political speeches, and in marketing, in commercials, etc. So I have just composed this brand new model which I hope we can use to write persuasive speeches. I know (I don’t just hope), I know that my model is useful for writing great persuasive speeches. I presented this model in the previous video and I promised you to talk about the template I made. The PowerPoint template I have made for you – which you can use if you fast want to write a great persuasive speech. I will show you that template now. Let’s see, yeah, so you can use this template for writing marketing presentations, you can use it for writing motivational and inspirational speeches, and you can of course use it for writing political speeches as well. If you decide to use this template you can just replace my instructions with your own persuasive text. /…/



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