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Blogging Tips for Creatives

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT | Hi everyone! I’m Cecilia Elise Wallin from inventicity, the channel where we combine inventiveness with felicity. The topic for this video is blogging tips for creatives. I’m going to talk about blogging and my blogging strategy – how I combine blogging with video production, and how that has become a successful strategy. I have been blogging for many years and I have now got two blogs – one on and one on For many years I wrote mostly about poetry, literature, and philosophy. And I wrote just for fun and to get some feedback from my readers. But then I wanted to get a larger audience. I wanted to get more feedback.

My Blogging Journey

It wasn’t really that I wanted to make money from my writing, but I wanted a larger audience – and I also got genuinely interested in marketing and branding. So I started making videos about marketing and branding – and I started to combine my interest in storytelling and poetry and drawing and graphic design with marketing and branding – which is not an uncommon combination in the YouTube world or the blogging world, but which is a really successful combination for me. So, it is important … if you want to reach a larger audience it is important to choose a good niche. And doing this I suggest that you combine two different things.

Blogging Strategies for Beginners & Pros

I’m combining my interest in literature and poetry and drawing with my interest in marketing and graphic design. And I bet that you can find an even better combination. And at least one of the things you choose to write and speak about should be something you really feel strongly about in your heart. Because you need that real interest to be able to produce a lot of content and still feel happy and interested. So, you should be really passionate about at least some aspects of your blogging and in your content production.

The Delight in Finding Poetry Where You Don’t Expect to Find It

And the funny thing is as time has moved on, I’ve become more interested in branding and marketing. And I can – it’s not a joke – I can see the poetry in marketing and in branding. So, what’s true for poetry is that you usually don’t find poetry where you expect to find it. Of course, you can find poetry in Shakespeare’s scripts and sonnets, but the best poetry will be found where you don’t expect to find it – where it really surprises you. And that way I find poetry in marketing and branding and it’s a great delight to be surprised by poetry where you don’t expect to find it.

Reach a Larger Audience

Most bloggers start with a genuine interest in writing for example as I did and then they move into broadening their interest and most bloggers move on as I did into the area of marketing because even if you don’t want to make money you want to reach a larger audience. If it is just to get feedback or to eventually earn money you will move into the area of marketing. I will now speak a little bit about marketing. Sooner or later you will be interested in marketing your blog. I wanted to reach a larger audience and maybe make some money. Regardless if you just want to reach a larger audience or if you want to make money,

How I Promote My Blog Posts and Videos

I will now explain how I realized how to market my blog and my videos. First, I thought that it was a good idea to post my blog posts into Facebook groups – and to some extent it was. But it was really time-consuming. And then I realized that I could cross-promote my videos and blog posts! And it’s also easier to produce a video and then make it into a blog post, or first make a blog post and then make it into a video. That way you will reach a larger audience! And I soon realized that it was too time-consuming to promote my blog and my videos in Facebook groups, so I tried to promote my blog on twitter and it wasn’t efficient at all to promote my blog on twitter. But then I found Pinterest and Pinterest has been huge for my blog. I get most of my blog traffic from Pinterest!

Learn about my Pinterest strategy here.



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