How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business from Home

It is fun and rewarding to start your own virtual assistant business from home because you can focus on what you are most skilled at and what you think is the most fun.

How to Start Your Virtual Assistant Service Today and Get Many Customers Fast

When you start to virtual assistant service – first you must consider what you prefer to do. You can for example offer services such as content writing, content management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media management, blog post writing, graphic design, website design, copywriting, and video editing. And there are many more alternatives. Find out what you are skilled at and even more important, what you will find interesting and rewarding to do.

How to Name Your Virtual Assistant Business

When your name your business, you can either use your name or create a new business name. For example, I have two websites – I have and and they’re also my business names. Cecilia Elise, that’s my name and Inventicity is a business name I invented myself. I combined a couple of words – inventiveness and felicity and made a completely new and unique name for my business.

How to Get Clients Fast

A great way to get clients fast is to join Facebook groups. There are thousands and thousands of Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and business owners. Join these groups and start posting and showing that you are skilled in the area where you are offering your services and soon you will be able to make contacts and start offering your services to the participants in that group. If you want you can join my groups. I have a group for virtual assistant jobs, and I also have a group for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and a group for female entrepreneurs.

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