How to Get Sales from Facebook Groups

Get Customers from Facebook Groups

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Facebook Organic Reach is back!

Now again it’s possible to get an incredible reach by posting organically on Facebook. I will in this brief video show you how easily can grow your business and get a lot of customers just by using one or several Facebook groups. I see a lot of people trying to promote on Facebook the wrong way. So I thought it was a good idea to make a video about the strategies I use to get a lot of customers for free without paying for ads. And I am using Facebook groups. And I’m now going to tell you how to use Facebook to get customers fast.

Find Your Target Audience

So first of all you must of course join the right Facebook groups, groups where your potential customers are. You can just use the search bar in Facebook to find the groups that are right for you. In my experience it is best to promote in closed Facebook groups.

Get an Idea of Where Your Posts Perform Best

Once you’ve joined a few Facebook groups with your target audience, Facebook will start automatically promoting similar groups to you. And you can just join these groups and test where your posts are performing well. What people want you to post is engaging posts, posts that people will interact with. It can be questions, or it can be something where you give people an opportunity to talk about themselves. That’s what group owners like, because if there’s a lot of activity in their groups, Facebook will promote their group automatically to other Facebook users.

Post Strategically

And now, when you have joined some Facebook groups and found your target audience, you must post the right way. You cannot just post promotional posts. I strongly advise you to avoid posting links, especially don’t post links in the actual post – because you will get a terrible reach. But what you can do, and what I advise, is that you post a post with a question, and then you can answer the question in the comments. And there you can post a link as well. And what links do I suggest that you post? Well, it’s great if you have a lead magnet.

Your Lead Magnet (Freebie)

A lead magnet is something you give away in exchange for the potential customer’s e-mail address. A lead magnet can be a video or a webinar, it can be graphics, it can be Canva templates. It can be PowerPoint templates – anything that helps your customers solve their problems. Because when you solve a little problem for them, they will see that you actually can help them and they will become interested in buying your product so that you can help them solve more problems!

Your Landing Page

When you have created a lead magnet you must create the landing page where potential customers can give that e-mail address away in exchange for your lead magnet and your little help for free. This lead magnet can be hosted on your own platform or you can host it on a Canva website, or you can host it on some of all the e-mail marketing providers, for example, MailerLite, MailChimp, or ConvertKit.

My Strategy to Get Sales from Facebook Groups

Now we have reached the most important part of this video. How to use a strategy to get customers in Facebook groups. I will explain the successful strategy I have been using. So here I will show you exactly in detail how I promote my products in Facebook groups. Here we have a Facebook group and I can write something like this: I have just created some news sales page templates, drop an emoji to get them before I make them paid! And I also include an image of the freebie, an image of the lead magnet. Here it is sales page templates. So I post this and it’s important that I don’t include any links in the actual post.

Post a Link to Your Landing Page in a Comment

Soon people will start to answer. What I do now is I answer with a link, a link to my landing page. So here I can write: Welcome to get them here: And then I include a link to my landing page here in the comment. And when they click on this link they will arrive on my landing page. And here they can post their e-mail address in exchange for the lead magnet. Once they have given the e-mail address, they will be sent to my resource library where they can download the templates. But here I’m also advertising my paid products. And I can also send follow-up emails about my paid products.

Start Your Own Facebook Groups

My strategy is to post in my own Facebook groups and to post in other people’s Facebook groups as well, but to understand what other Facebook group owners like and love about your posting in their groups. it’s really great to have your own Facebook groups. Because you will understand what people want you to post in their Facebook groups. And it’s of course also really useful for you to have your own Facebook group, or groups, when you’re promoting your products or services. Because in your Facebook group you can build authority, and you can nurture your audience so that they eventually will buy your more expensive products.

Post Short Videos

But it’s also really important that you post videos, especially short videos – YouTube shorts, Instagram reels. And post short videos on TikTok and Facebook. These short videos can go viral and give you a large audience fast. And you can send the audience to your products, to your store, and to your Facebook group. That’s how easy it is to promote your products and your business in Facebook groups.


© Cecilia Elise Wallin

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