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How to Make Money With Canva Websites

I’m Cecilia Elise Wallin and I’m a graphic designer and Canva creator. In this video, I will talk about how easily can make money with Canva and how you can start today. In this brief video and text, I will explain how you can get started right away in three easy steps.

STEP 1 Research

Watch the video | The first step is research. I highly suggest that you first do some market research. You can for example ask your target audience. If you already have a target or audience you can ask them what kind of websites they need. So for example, if you have your target audience in a Facebook group, you can ask them like this. Another great idea is that you go to some marketplaces. For example you can go to Etsy, and there you can just search for “website template” and then you can scroll down and you can check what kind of websites are popular.

So you can look at the reviews and how many sales they have gotten here and you can get a great grasp of the demand for different kinds of websites. And here we can see what kind of designs are popular. And you can also see how you can present your design when you are going to sell it. I don’t advise you to sell your websites on Etsy. It’s better that you have your own store in the long run, for many different reasons. I’ve made videos about this. At the end of this video I will also show you how you can sell your websites for free in your own store.

STEP 2 Create Website Templates

Watch the video | Once you have decided what kind of websites to create you can just go to a free Canva account and here you just click on “create a design” and you chose “website”. You must open a blank canvas. You must start on a blank canvas to be allowed to sell the template you have created. Start on a blank canvas and then you can start creating. So just add the elements. And you can use photos from Canva’s free library or from Pexels or Pixabay, or your own photos of course.

And then you just add elements and links and once you have designed your website you click on “share”, then you click “more”. And then you click on “template link”. This is the link you are going to share with customers once they have bought your product. But in your store, you might want to show your customers what the template looks like before they buy it. Of course, you want to do that. And I’ll show you how to do that too.

Click here on “publish website”. And you can share this link in your store as a preview and I’ll show you what this website looks like. This is the preview of this website and you can share a link to a preview like this in your store so that customers can check out what it looks like before they buy it.

STEP 3 How to Sell Your Canva Website Templates

Watch the video | Once you’ve created your template links and your previews, you are going to start selling your websites. And what is really fun is that you actually can start selling your website templates on Canva websites! Just create another website in Canva, for yourself and there you can start selling the templates you have created. You might ask about the checkout and I have a great solution for that. You can use a free checkout on ConvertKit. They have excellent free checkouts and you just link from your sales page on Canva to a checkout ConvertKit.

If you want to have your own website I highly suggest that you get a WordPress site and WooCommerce store. If you plan to sell a lot of website templates I highly suggest that you get a WordPress & WooCommerce website. If you have any questions or suggestions please ask me.

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