Grow Your Business Fast Without Ads

Grow Your Business Fast Without Ads

In this video, I talk about an organic business growth strategy that works right now. I explain some of the fastest and most sustainable ways to get more customers and grow your business, without paying for ads.

Get More Customers Now!

I’m talking about how you can use Facebook groups to grow your business fast, without paying for ads. I’m also talking about how you can combine your Facebook activity with short videos on FB, Instagram, TokTok, etc.

Watch the video to learn a strategy that is free and will give you more customers fast.

Reach Your Prospective Customers Organically

The first step is to figure out what you want to do for your business. Once you have a clear idea of what your goals are, then it’s time to find the right keyword phrases.

When you know the keyword phrases that your ideal customers are using in Google, then it’s time to create a website and content around those keywords.

I’ll show you how to use blog posts and YouTube videos as well as other content marketing strategies like infographics and social media posts to get more customers now!

The fastest and most sustainable way to grow your online business without paying for ads

From my own experience, I have seen that using Facebook groups in combination with YouTube and Instagram is the best way to grow your online business without paying for ads at all. I will in this brief video show you how easily can grow your business and get a lot of customers just by using one or several Facebook groups – your own and other people’s Facebook groups. And to combine that with YouTube and your own website and blog.

Start One or Several Facebook Groups

So, if you haven’t started your online business yet or if you have started but you want to gain more customers fast this is a video for you. First, I will talk about Facebook. I strongly advise you that you start one or several Facebook groups because my strategy is to post in my own Facebook groups and to post in other people’s Facebook groups as well. To understand what other Facebook group owners like and love about your posting in their groups it’s really great to have your own Facebook groups because you will understand what people want you to post in their Facebook groups.

What to Post in Facebook Groups?

You will see what people want you to post is engaging posts – posts that people will interact with. It can be questions or it can be something where you give people an opportunity to talk about themselves. That’s what group owners like because if there is a lot of activity in their group Facebook will promote their group automatically to other Facebook users.

Build Authority and Promote Your Products or Services Authentically

And it’s of course also useful for you to have your own Facebook group or groups when you’re promoting your products or services because in your Facebook group you can build authority and you can nurture your audience so that they eventually will buy your more expensive products.

Create Videos

It’s also important that you post videos – especially short videos – right now: YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and also Facebook reels. Because these short videos can go viral, and they can give you a large audience fast. And you can send this audience to your products, to your store, and to your Facebook group.


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