5 thoughts on “Epic Motivational Speech for Entrepreneurs (Parody)”

  1. I so agree we need to just do it. I need to figure out what is most important to my website.

  2. Such great advice, I’ve been working on my business plan for next year and it’s such an irrational fear that I’ll make the wrong decision and go down the wrong path. Staying on track is important but at the end of the day done is better than never started… what’s the saying? Who makes the best pots? The potter who makes the most pots.

  3. Nina

    You gave much to think about my life, about what I really looking for and what I most want to do… I am now a junior student major in Banking and Finance at a university, as other said “Of all the best in my country” but really, I want to go beyond that famous that I can not find any relevant to myself or help me to achieve what I love to do most… but I have to continue with it and along, going outside to find what I really want to do most… And I am now still finding for it.
    I really thank you for your sharing, it encourage me and give me a lot to think and power to continue my own journey. Once again, thanks!

  4. Delaine

    Nice video, very different

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