16 thoughts on “How to Create a Long Term Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy”

  1. So far I haven’t even had success short term, but I guess I do need to look towards the future.

  2. Yes I agree, we need to use our own voice and use successful strategies. Imitating others will never work and only makes us loose credibility.

  3. I think I normally rely on short term successes but I need to start focusing on long term ones to keep me motivated.

  4. Being unique and setting ourselves apart from others in our niche is important. I think we need to remember to be ourselves and keep it real.

  5. I am a term long thinker. Five years ago I plan to start my blog and go full time this fall and it happened. I also made most of my goals long term and it helps me. I think it’s inportant to be me and although my hubby is more of a fly by wind type guy, I always stayed true to me

  6. These are very effective tips, and that is coming from a woman who knows this business!

    Sondra xx

  7. These are really great tips. As a product reviewer on YouTube, I find that when a certain product is super hot, the videos are saturated with several others showing that same content. I like the idea of not getting in too early or too late.

  8. I like the idea of doing what you would do, even if it weren’t a business. Follow your true passion. That’s where you’ll experience the most natural brilliance and enthusiasm.

  9. Staying true to yourself and keeping to your niche is key. As long as you are happy and having fun that is all that matters.

  10. I need to concentrate on developing a more substantial business plan using some of these tips.

  11. You have to find ways to be the most you that you can possibly be. And then you have to make that shine through. But really with social media its about the relationships that you develop with others that help the most.

  12. Great tips, I’m usually the long-term type of thinker. Building your own marketing ideas and using your own voice would be much preferred to have a sense of originality and uniqueness.

  13. I am currently only on facebook, twitter and Google plus. I can definitely use your social media strategy to help me reach more of my audience.

  14. I’m a long term thinker but sometimes get stuck on silly details. Passion is everything and it’s what drives me daily, just need to get more organised!

  15. i work with clients on their social media so, it is very important to use your voice to attract people to your pages.

  16. Claire

    Sounds like great tips here! I will definitely implement some of them I didn’t know.

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