How to inspire others!

How to Inspire Others

In this video I will give some tips which can be useful if you intend to write texts or make videos with the purpose of inspiring and encouraging others. Or if you just want to inspire yourself. It is such a pleasure to really think, to devote days to reading and thinking, immersing myself in texts and videos which inspire my own deep thinking. When you start thinking inspired by great philosophers and writers, it’s hard to stop the process. The texts by my favorite writers and poets exhibit some common traits. And the advice I will give here is based on what I find most inspiring in my favorite texts and videos: So here are my seven tips on how to inspire your audience.

Tip number 1

Don’t explain everything Don’t prescribe and instruct. Always keep in mind that your audience can experience so much better with their own associations in their inner world than if you prescribe and instruct them exactly how to think. Make your audience think in new ways, a thinking which includes the treasures of their individual souls, their own unique memories and experiences. Don’t explain everything: instead push your audience in such a direction that they will be productive and come up with their own ideas, in their own way! Evoke memories and feelings which will make your audience think in new ways with the use of their own experiences and memories. Make you audience break up their habitual way of thinking. Make them see new perspectives.

Tip number 2

Remember that your audience is intelligent Always remember that your audience is a group of very intelligent sensitive incredible and incomprehensible souls. Be honest and authentic. If you aren’t honest and authentic your audience will detect it. Don’t overcomplicate! Make your audience see the reality as it is. Make your audience start thinking in new ways, and make them leave limiting beliefs behind.

Tip number 3

Evoke a kind, positive and safe atmosphere Communicate in such a way that you evoke a positive, kind and safe atmosphere. We think much better when we feel safe and are surrounded by kindness.

Tip number 4

Invoke the unpredictable Give the person who listens to you a clue of something within herself/himeself that she/he can realize in the future. Make your audience start thinking in ways which might lead them to unforeseeable new ideas and insights!

Tip number 5

Emphasize the value of silence and idleness Emphasize the value of silence and of spending time just with the company of oneself – with uninterrupted time to develop new, good and useful thoughts.

Tip number 6

Encourage and motivate Put your audience in a in a mood, in a desire and ability to progress their thinking in their own way.

Tip number 7

Lift your audience Lift your audience’s thoughts and feelings from the ground. How can you do this? Learn from the best writers or poets or video creators you can find. Emily Dickinson has described what good inspiration can feel like in such a way that the poem simultaneously performs what it explains: Exhilaration is the Breeze That lifts us from the Ground And leaves us in another place Whose statement is not found – Returns us not, but after time We soberly descend A little newer for the term Upon Enchanted Ground – So my last and best tip today is: If you want to inspire your audience – learn from your favorite writers, poets, or video creators. Learn from your idols, from the people who inspire you! Thank you for watching and see you in the next video! And welcome to subscribe. And you are very welcome to write comments below!

This is a video I recorded yesterday. It’s so fun to come up with video ideas, to film a video, and to promote videos. I’m happy I find promoting almost as fun as thinking and filming (and sometimes more fun than the lonely creative work).


© Cecilia Elise Wallin

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5 thoughts on “How to inspire others!”

  1. I love these tips! Inspiring yourself and others isn’t always as easy as it’s made to look. It takes a lot of effort and creativity sometimes! I like that you pointed out not to explain everything and let the audience make their own associations 🙂

  2. It’s nice when we have a way to connect to others through social media. Going to your YT channel to watch! Hey! I vlog too! But mostly on my mother tongue. ❤️ See you on our facebook group Love! here.

  3. I agree Cecilia.
    I appreciate the general rule of inspire thinking rather than giving your audience the answer on how to go about accomplishing respective tasks or goals.

  4. Loved the list of how to inspire others. Clear, crisp and to the point and most of all well presented.

  5. Amazing work! Keep inspiring others:) ❤️

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