How to inspire others!

This is a video I recorded yesterday. It’s so fun to come up with video ideas, to film a video, and to promote videos. I’m happy I find promoting almost as fun as thinking and filming (and sometimes more fun than the lonely creative work). The full text can be found in the description box beneath the video on the YouTube page!


5 Replies to “How to inspire others!”

  1. I love these tips! Inspiring yourself and others isn’t always as easy as it’s made to look. It takes a lot of effort and creativity sometimes! I like that you pointed out not to explain everything and let the audience make their own associations 🙂

  2. It’s nice when we have a way to connect to others through social media. Going to your YT channel to watch! Hey! I vlog too! But mostly on my mother tongue. ❤️ See you on our facebook group Love! here.

  3. I agree Cecilia.
    I appreciate the general rule of inspire thinking rather than giving your audience the answer on how to go about accomplishing respective tasks or goals.

  4. Loved the list of how to inspire others. Clear, crisp and to the point and most of all well presented.

  5. Amazing work! Keep inspiring others:) ❤️

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