How to Start & run a creative Agency

How to Start & Run a Social Media Marketing Creative Agency

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How To Start and Run Your Social Media Marketing Creative Agency

How to start and run your social media marketing creative agency and have real fun. If you are like me – if you are creative and if you love strategy then this video is for you. I really enjoy creating content and I enjoy being innovative and I enjoy trying to be at the forefront of social media marketing. I don’t enjoy dull repetitive work. What I enjoy is helping small businesses with their overall social media marketing strategy. If you are a creative person interested in social media marketing strategies – then I suggest that you first approach smaller companies not very small companies that don’t have any marketing budget at all but the smaller companies that don’t have an in-house team for marketing.

That way you can become their first strategist and you can help them with all their social media marketing. It is more difficult to master everything from website development to search engine optimization to social media content creation and social media marketing but it is also so fun and for me, it is easy to work with what I really enjoy doing and I’m quite convinced that it is the same for most of you. So when you start a social media marketing agency write on your website that you offer a wide range of services and then approach smaller businesses and give them the option to get you as their marketing strategist to help them with their overall strategies for their marketing.

That way you will also develop your own knowledge you will stay at the forefront, at the cutting edge, of social media marketing in all the different niches of social media marketing. And you will always be able to quickly adapt to changes in the economy and in the marketing environment. I also highly suggest that you do what I have done – that you diversify so that you don’t only offer services. Also, offer a course. Maybe for those customers who can’t afford your service as a first step. Before they hire you they can buy your course and evaluate what you can offer.

And I also suggest that you offer digital products. I have earned a considerable amount of income from my digital products and it is also really fun to create and sell digital products. And I also highly suggest that you incorporate affiliate marketing in your business model. It is really fun to talk about products you find really helpful. The products I love and really have benefited from using. I would talk about them anyway so why not earn some money from talking about them? Being an affiliate is a great way to diversify the incomes you get from your social media marketing agency.

And don’t forget to promote your own brand. I see a lot of social media markets that are putting so much effort into helping their customers that they neglect their own social media accounts. And neglect their own branding. It is crucial for achieving new great customers that you have your own branding dialed in and that you put an effort into keeping your own social media accounts up to date.

If you’re a creative strategic person and, if you want to start a social media marketing agency, I will give more advice in the upcoming videos. Please ask me questions. I would love to answer some questions! Welcome to ask about social media marketing, starting an agency, how to sell digital products, and similar topics.

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