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A Day in Sigtuna In the Life Of a Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Cecilia Elise Wallin, Founder of Inventicity

A Day in My Life as a Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Hi and welcome to the first video in my series about my life as a digital marketing agency owner here in Sigtuna, Sweden’s oldest town. There are many great businesses in the area, and some of them are my clients. It’s a beautiful landscape here, so I feel lucky to be able to work with companies who want me to film and take photos at their offices. I also work with a lot of companies that have a really aesthetic look, so I love visiting them to take photos and talk about strategy.

The Importance of Working with Businesses You Love

Today, I’m not going to film much, at least not in the traditional sense. I’m mostly going to talk about strategy with my clients. But I have many more interesting things planned for today. When you own a marketing agency, it’s so important to choose to work with businesses that you really love. That way, it will be much more fun and much easier to work with them.

I’ve been working for a while today, answering emails and going through my strategy for a presentation I’ll be giving to a client soon.

Visiting a Client to Discuss Marketing Strategies

Now it’s time to visit them. Follow me as we talk about ideas, branding, and marketing strategies. I showed them some branding ideas and designs I’ve created for them, and we talked a lot about social media strategies. We also discussed their website and how they can use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube reels in their marketing efforts. We also talked about Pinterest and Pinterest strategy.

Exploring the Trade Fair near Arlanda Airport

After this meeting, I had time for a brief visit to a trade fair near Arlanda, Sweden’s main airport. There were a lot of business owners in attendance, and it was really interesting to talk to them and attend some very informative seminars. I also had the opportunity to listen to politicians and civil servants from the municipality office talk about their plans to help small business owners in the area.

Sigtuna: A Main Trade Center in Europe for 2000 Years

Sigtuna is a main trade center in Europe that has been around for almost 2000 years. It’s located between Stockholm and Uppsala and is very close to the airport. It’s one of the most expensive and innovative regions in northern Europe, and it gets a lot of business and tourist traffic from all over the world. That’s why there are so many conference centers, hotels, and tourist attractions in the area. People also visit Sigtuna because of its beautiful landscape and historical sites.

Meeting a Business Owner I Admire

I wish I could have stayed longer at the trade fair, but now it’s time for me to meet someone I’ve been really looking forward to working with. It’s a business owner I really admire, and she’s asked me to help her with her social media marketing. She’s so busy with her business that she doesn’t have time to manage all her social media accounts, so I hope I can make more videos about this really aesthetic business later on in the series.

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