How to Make a Great First Impression

How to Make a Great First Impression – Use Your Intelligence to Its Fullest!

Advice for Writers, Bloggers, and Video Creators

If you really want to give a good first impression you should have something novel to say or write.  And if you have something really new and interesting to say then it is often a little bit annoying. So if you want to give an acceptable first impression – be generous and be authentic and use good body language, and look the person you are talking to in the eyes (look at the camera lens if you are recording a video). But if you want to make a very good first impression – and if you are willing to take the risk – use your intelligence to its fullest, and introduce something inventive and new into the conversation!

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18 thoughts on “How to Make a Great First Impression – Use Your Intelligence to Its Fullest!”

  1. So true. Having something to say it key. Killer content is what our audience deserves.

  2. Totally agree with you. First impressions really are the most important. If someone is writing an article and its not organized well enough, will leave a different impression on readers mind.

  3. I love this! So many times I’m afraid to come off as overly intelligent around certain people just because I’m intimidated. I need to start taking more risk and saying what I want.

  4. It is all about being authentic. I hate when people aren’t — it shows and I am so turned off by them.

  5. First impressions can last a lifetime. I’ve learnt over time the importance of being confident and polite when meeting people for the first time! I think it is something like the first ten seconds they make a judgement on who you are, which is incredible!

  6. Excellent advice! Valuing intelligence is so important. We need more of it

  7. Nicole

    First impressions, are lasting impressions! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  8. Shell

    There’s nothing like giving a good first impression:) no matter what happens later you can never get that moment back 🙂

  9. Joanna

    I think that being humble is also very important in making a first impression. And also don’t forget to smile!

  10. What is your advice for those of us who are Introverts?

  11. Dee

    Good points! It always helps to be yourself. It’s too obvious when someone is being less than genuine.

  12. You couldn’t have said it any better. So true

  13. What great tips for making a good first impression! We learned similar tips in my MBA program – eye contact and being yourself are key factors!

  14. Hannah Marie

    This is true! Being authentic will go a long way. I am always shy with new people but I know I need to change that.

  15. So very true! To make a good first impression, it is not only important to engage the other person with your body language and other evidences of genuine interest, but also offer something memorable. The other things might fade with time, but interesting memories linger on for a longer while.

  16. having something to say goes a long way-you dont want to be thought of a shy, or withdrawn. really awesome tips!

  17. I find it amazing that people have a problem with first impressions. As long as the body language is great and your first words aren’t jerky, you should be fine.

  18. First impressions is incredibly important great vid and advice!

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