Capture Email Addresses From YouTube: Make Money From Your Channel & Grow Your Brand

In this video you will learn a simple technique for transforming your YouTube views into email subscribers.

16 thoughts on “Capture Email Addresses From YouTube: Make Money From Your Channel & Grow Your Brand”

  1. YouTube is such a powerful platform, and emails are a fantastic way to remarket! Love this tutorial.

  2. this was so informative, great job!! I don’t use youtube all that often, but now I think I am going to try it out!

  3. robin rue

    Starting an email list is a great way to expand your reach. Thanks for the awesome how-to!

  4. Youtube seems very beneficial. It may be a platform that I have to try out soon.

  5. Youtube is something I want to conquer over the next few months so really happy I stumbled across this advice! I will make sure I’m capturing those email addresses!

  6. I have a YouTube channel. However, I have only a few videos and have not done much with the platform.

  7. As of now, I am not using YouTube for my business…But it is very helpful…maybe I can use this to a client using YouTube for her business.

  8. Claire

    I’ve never used YouTube for my platform but I believe email list is important! Converting leads are crucial step.

  9. I really need to use Youtube far more than I do. Pinning this for later though because it is valuable information for when I do. Thank You

  10. I would have never thought to tap into this resource to build my email list. What a great tutorial! Thanks!

  11. Great tips! You Tube is something that I want to branch into. It is becoming so popular and I love watching videos that fellow bloggers have created.

  12. I really need to start paying more attention to YouTube. It is such a big platform.

  13. I honestly have not ventured into the world of youtube just yet. If I decide to I’ll have to come back to this again!

  14. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for your tips! I never venture to youtube coz the engagement it so slow.

  15. I think consistency is so important with youtube. Ppl develop trust from those they see often. Thus creating long term supporters.

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