What is the next business model in online business?

What is the next business model in online business?

I have seen that the modern business models force a lot of small good online entrepreneurs into making their potential customers feel manipulated. The so called sales funnels, the fake scarcity, the squeeze pages often leave the potential customers feeling manipulated. The squeeze pages, sales funnels, and the way of writing sales e-mails as if talking to a close friend, harm the entrepreneurs and their reputation. They get customers this way, of course, but they also lose a lot of potential customers. And I think they might lose the best potential customers, all the people who feel manipulated. All those people who never get to know about the great products offered, but leave with an unfavorable impression of the brand.

And the sales funnels do harm to the potential customers and customers because if they don’t buy anything they feel guilty, but if they buy they feel manipulated walking through a sales funnel expected to buy more products at higher and higher prices. 

I don’t think the sales funnel model (the way it is used today) will survive for a very long time, it’s too manipulative. Using this model you lose a lot of potential customers, people who might have bought the product if they had not felt manipulated.

These days content creators are forced into creating so much content for free, and then on top of that to seem manipulative. Even if they have good business morals. Even if the sell great products. 
Manipulating the customer into buying, more and more at higher and higher prices. That’s not fair to anyone. 

The best things the great philosophers have said are common sense. We like it because someone has put into words what we ourselves have thought.

But a lot of people also like mysteries, they get seduced by thoughts which seem deep and complicated. 

So we are often fooled by the overcomplicated. I think the same is true for a lot of the online courses about branding and marketing in social media. A lot of online teachers make the content of their courses much more complicated than it is. If the teacher doesn’t understand what he or she is teaching it tends to seem more complicated and deep. And now we are in an era where social media and marketing in social media, are changing so fast that no one can know exactly what is happening, and no one can predict the future. 

So my advice is – trust yourself, trust what you see with your own eyes, and trust your own thoughts. Don’t by social media courses from the most successful millionaires. If you want to support online entrepreneurs, support those who need the money.
And I think getting small donations from a lot of fans might be a better business model than the manipulative sales funnel model.


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