Uplifting Relaxing Music & Nature Scenes

Uplifting Relaxing Music & Nature Scenes

With this short video, I wanted to compose an uplifting and relaxing video with some of my best spring landscape and nature films and videos from the spring that just has passed. I have added beautiful uplifting and relaxing music to scenes from my own nature videos and photos from Sweden.

And I have kept the beautiful nature sounds in the videos – the bird song, the goats, the wind in the fresh leaves. I intended to make a beautiful, happy, relaxing, and uplifting video.

I hope you like this composition of uplifting relaxing landscape scenery and uplifting music. I love to walk in the forests and fields – it is a very uplifting activity to me. And I love to make this kind of uplifting nature videos with music.

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Uplifting Relaxing