Trust Yourself – And Think Clearly

I think that our ability to see and think clearly is something very different to the structure and syntax of written and spoken sentences.
I’ve noticed that the most important decisions I’ve made in my life have had the character of something almost dream-like, something outside of, or beyond, the syntax of speaking and writing. When I have made my most important decisions it has felt almost dream-like, and at the same time my life has seemed more real and solid than normally.

When I have done what I from the core of myself wanted to I have felt very real and alive, and the world around me has seemed more real than normally. When closest to reality it feels dreamlike. It’s because the best, the sharpest way we can perceive the truths is through our ability to dream, through our imagination.

When I made my most important decisions it wasn’t to adhere to any advice. But I’ve made my most important decisions and choices when it was safe to make them, and I made them with clear eyes.

When in a group of people I often get the impression that everyone in the group is seeing the situation with clarity beyond words. A clarity which is beyond what is said and performed. All of us can see and listen through the rubble of what is said, with an astonishing clear-sightedness. Through the haze of utterances, thoughts and opinions. It is almost impossible for us to avoid to see with clarity. Yes, I think it is very easy for us to see with clarity, it’s an innate quality, but it’s much more difficult to consciously think and perform in accordance with what we see.

When we think most clearly we make use of our intellectual sharpness and our imagination at the same time.
Trust yourself – and think clearly, with your best intuition and logical sharpness. And take every good opportunity to realize your best ideas.

© Cecilia Elise Wallin