How to persuade in speech and text

The Art of Persuasion | AFOREST Techniques

According to Thomas Jefferson, it is a self-evident fact that all humans have the right to not only life and liberty but also the right to pursue happiness. The facts you use in your persuasive speech or text must not be facts acknowledged by everyone – you can just decide they are facts (and if you are convincing enough they might become facts).

A FOREST is a good acronym to remember when you are going to write a persuasive text, or a persuasive speech, or when you’re going to participate in a debate.

A FOREST is an acronym for alliteration; facts; opinions; rhetorical questions; emotions; statistics; and the rule of three. And these are some of the best techniques to use when you are trying to persuade someone. So let’s look at them.

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I’ve made this roadmap to help you write a persuasive text/speech.

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The Art of Persuasion | A FOREST Techniques