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Storytelling Marketing

Hi, I’m Cecilia Elise Wallin from inventicity, the channel where we combine inventiveness with felicity. Today I’m going to talk about storytelling marketing. Storytelling is very close to my heart. I’m a novelist and writer, and I am very interested in the history of literature and I’m also teaching the history of literature. So I have made several videos about storytelling and also about storytelling marketing. And I will link to one of them here in this video now.

Your Customer is the Hero

What’s important here? What I’m going to talk about in this brief video is that the customer is the hero, not you. What do I mean by this? Well, the customer must feel that you are the person – or that your product is a product – that will help him or her achieve his or her goals. The customer mustn’t feel that you are a competitor. The customer must feel that you know more and that you will use your skills and resources to help him or her. We all …  I think and most people say that we all perceive what we do in life … when we have problems and solve the problems we all perceive it like what is called the “hero’s journey”.

Storytelling Marketing and The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell, a scientist who studied mythology, named this the hero’s journey and in a pattern which he describes under the title the hero’s journey … in this pattern we all perceive our problem-solving procedure. And I will just briefly talk about this pattern now. So we can see that in all great stories and also we can see when we in our lives solve problems we go through this process.

So the first step is that the hero is in his or her safe home environment but then she or he gets a problem and she or he must solve the problem so she or he sets out on a journey and meets advisors / helpers / friends which help him or her solve the problem.

The Customer’s Journey

So at the beginning of the story, the hero searches for good advisors and we have the equivalent if a prospective customer has a problem then she or he is searching for a company, for advisors, for products which can help him or her solve his or her problem. And in this phase, your prospective customer might come upon your ads or your videos or maybe visit your website and here in this stage, you must show your prospective customer that you will be a helpful advisor, that you will help your customers solve their problem. And that you will use your good skills and resources to do this not competing with him or her but helping him or her to solve the problem. And in this pattern “the hero’s journey” then the customer, the hero, moves on to trying to solve his or her problem with the help of his or her advisers and reaches the abyss in the abyss this is the most terrible moment in all great stories where the audience fret and feel very scared, as they identify with the hero.

The Peripeteia in the Customer’s Journey

But as customers, we also often experience this peripeteia when we haven’t decided yet exactly how to solve the problem, but we have to make a decision because the problem must be solved so that we can live on or move on.

And here in the buyer’s journey which has many similarities to the hero’s journey, here you must show up the benefits of your product. You must show the differentiators of your product, how your product is better than the competitor’s products, how you better will solve the problem than your competitor, how you are a more skilled and helpful advisor than your competitors. And in this peripeteia, the customer has to make a decision and that can be to buy a product but it can of course also be to solve the problem herself.  But if the customer decides to buy your product to solve the problem then we move on to the success where you successfully help your customer to solve the problem. And your customer gains new insights on how to use your product and moves on solving the problems.

The Success

And after the peripeteia, the customer succeeds and this success is when the customer successfully uses your product to solve the problem. And this is hopefully the start of a long collaboration where the customer will continue to use your product and maybe upgrade to more of your products.

In “the here’s journey” the journey ends when the hero has gained new insights and implements these insights to improve his or her life but in the “buyer’s journey” the cycle moves on. If the customer findsyour product helpful, then she or he will continue buying from you and you will continue being a trusted advisor.

Be a Helpful Advisor

Don’t be a competitor to your prospective customer, give the impression that you are a helpful advisor which will help your customers reach their higher goals. Give the impression that you are not a competitor in any way.

Thank you for watching this video about how to make your customer the hero and being a helpful advisor.



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This page is part of a copywriting course. Get access to all course pages and videos, and download cheat sheets and exercises. And get 50 fresh Pinterest templates for Canva. Plus access to my resource library for entrepreneurs and bloggers. It’s 100% free!