SIDDHARTHA | Full Audiobook | Hermann Hesse

SIDDHARTHA | An Indian Tale

The novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse has been one of my favorite novels since I was a teenager. From this book, I learned a lot about intentional living and simple living. And I started to learn more about Buddhism – I visited Buddhist temples, learned to meditate, and studied Buddhist philosophy. It makes me so happy to return to this book – a book that made me start a happy journey in literature, philosophy, and life.

And I love to listen to this audiobook. Peter Kuhn’s voice and tone are perfect for this uplifting novel. This recording is from LibriVox, an audiobook site I highly recommend. Their audiobooks are free, and if you want to you can volunteer to read and record books for them.

Cecilia Elise Wallin

0:00:00​ The Son of the Brahman
00:20:22​ With the Samanas
00:44:15​ Gotama
01:06:26​ Awakening
01:17:35​ Kamala
01:51:00​ With the Childlike People
02:11:54​ Sansara
02:35:18​ By the River
03:04:46​ The Ferryman
03:34:56​ The Son
03:57:00​ Om
04:14:40​ Govinda

SIDDHARTHA | Full Audiobook | Hermann Hesse