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How I Grew My Pinterest from 60k to 200k Monthly Viewers in one Month

Today I’m going to talk about my zero cost Pinterest strategy. How I grew my Pinterest from 60k to 200k monthly viewers in one month.

Without paying a dime I almost unintentionally have grown my Pinterest account. How did I do this? Here you have my Pinterest account:

This is a new description of my Pinterest account:  “inspired & mindful living | personal development | self care & good vibes”.

I updated my Pinterest account one month ago, and that’s when the growth started.

Inspired and mindful living, personal development, self care, and good vibes. These are all common search phrases within Pinterest. And they are also the titles of some of the most popular topics on Pinterest.

One month ago I updated the titles of my Pinterest. And then I have written below the title:

The idea behind and my YouTube channel is to inspire you to improve and simplify your life. To make every day bright, happy and fulfilling.

I made everything on my Pinterest account very coherent. Everything here is about self care, mindful living, simple living, personal development, and personal growth. All very popular topics on Pinterest right now.

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