Inventicity™  [in·vent·ic·i·ty]™

I have invented a new word; and made it the title of this website section and my social media accounts. The word contains an idea I hold very dear, and which cannot be precisely described by any existing word.

The word I have invented to explain and realize one of the concepts which is most important to me is Inventicity™.

An atmosphere of inventiveness — where we all feel free to be inventive — is vital for society, and crucial for every person’s wellbeing and happiness. Like electricity, inventicity™ is essential in making our modern lives happy and comfortable.

The freedom to be inventive — to create new ideas, stories, poems, technical inventions, and point of views — is absolutely essential for us humans and our experience of happiness and inspiration.

Inventiveness must be encouraged. A refreshing atmosphere where inventiveness is cultivated is an environment we all benefit from living in. The opportunities to be inventive is part of what makes life worth living.

Here and elsewhere I want to create and nurture an atmosphere where we all feel encouraged to be inventive. An atmosphere we can bring into our everyday lives. An atmosphere where we feel the freedom and uplifting enthusiasm in creating new ideas, stories, poems, technical inventions, and point of views — an atmosphere of inventicity.

When you write and speak — when you invent new ideas, concepts, and perspectives — keep this in mind: Try to establish states of indeterminacy – in which it may be possible to think, analyze, live, and create in new ways. That’s inventicity!


Cecilia Elise Wallin

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