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How to Simplify Your Life and Live More Intentionally

Simplify Your Life and Live More Intentionally

In this video, I’m going to talk more about what intentional living is for me and how I have simplified my life. My youtube channel is also part of my journey. I’m going to continue simplifying my life and I’m trying to continuously make more time for what I really want to do.

Why I’m Making Videos about Simplifying Life

What I really want to do – that is what I do in this channel – teaching, walking in nature, filming making videos about photography and writing. So this will be a journey for me and hopefully, you will follow my journey, and maybe I will be able to give some tips. I will use the wisdom I have acquired in my life and what I have read in books. If you have followed this channel for a while you know that I’m really interested in literature – the classics of literature – and philosophy. So I will draw a lot of insights from what I have read as well.

My Take on Intentional Living

What is intentional living for me? Intentional living for me is to live with integrity to do what you know is right for yourself and for the people around you to respect yourself and the people around you and the world around you … everyone around you AND yourself. And to follow the path you have set out for yourself. Continue watching:

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How to Simplify Your Life