How successful people think

How Successful People Think Radically Inventively

How to think radically differently.

The only way to be genuinely successful – in your own eyes – and in the world in the long run, is to be genuinely inventive. Hi, and welcome to Inventicity, the channel where we combine inventiveness with felicity.

The topic for today’s video is how to think – and why to think – radically differently. We see in this world today so many copycats. We see so much of the same. Not only in education. Not only in entrepreneurship, but almost everywhere people strive to copy each other, to copy the most influential writers, to copy the most influential inventors. But that is not the way to succeed.

The best writers, the best philosophers, the best inventors – they have a characteristic in common and that is that they are able – they were able and are able – to think radically differently /…/ Watch video.

Cecilia Elise Wallin

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