Find and Replace Text in Canva | Tutorial

Find and Replace Text in Canva | A Game-Changer for Designers

There’s a new feature in Canva that people are going crazy for: FIND AND REPLACE TEXT. In my opinion it’s a game changer. It is super useful and I’m excited to use it on my social media images and landing page templates. In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to use text replacement in Canva!

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Let’s say you’re a small business and someone named Marie is on your social media team. If they post something and use the company tagline, they might write something like: “We’re small, but we’re fierce!” The problem is that they misspelled fiercely! It’s easy to fix mistakes like this, once you’ve created your design in Canva. This quick video tutorial shows you how to find and replace text using the new find and replace tool on the Canva website, which allows you to find any typos or mistakes within your social media posts.


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